Mat 308229B 48" x 50' 1/2" Mesh Hardware Cloth, Galvanized

Not saying it is the best stuff, just an option.

For where we are, there isn't anything (that we know of) that will get through that, and it will be in addition to the chicken wire sounding their run. I guess if we run into "cougar" coming in, then we will have to rethink out strategy.
It's also galvanized after weld, which is a cheaper and less durable product that wire that's galvanized before weld. Galvanized after weld wire is prone to rusting at the connections between the horizontal and vertical wires. That's probably why the price is so low.
Just be aware that this wire is going to rust more quickly than wire that's galvanized after weld, so you'll end up having to replace it sooner than the other kind. Check your fence regularly for rust or a raccoon might find the weak spot before you do.
Not that they are not here (raccoons), I have never seen one here in the 11 years I have been here. We will keep a good eye on the fencing.
Not to change the subject of your post but i have lived here and had chickens off and on for 20 years. Never saw a raccoon...then last summer one showed up, got in and killed 5 of my flock until I managed to trap it. So..never think you are safe, I learned the hard way.
I totally agree Jack .. we will keep a good eye on our fencing. I am more worried about the hawks and owls. We had people tell us a lot that we would have troubles with the coyotes, but they (for some reason) keep clear of our goat area. We see them come out in the pasture, and they skirt the fence area by 50' always.

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