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Cattle dog Mom

Oct 23, 2020
North central, WA
Looking for more ideas besides the ones I already NEED. (Java and Brabanter.) Much prefer recommendations from people that have or have had the breed. WAY too much conflicting info when you just "google". Look at 4 different sites and they generally say 4 different things. Which is accurate? It is quite obvious most sites are just copying what they read on a another site, rather than speaking from personal experience.

"Requirements" are:

#1 Larger size. (So no bantys, silkies etc...)

#2 Tends to go broody.

#3 Cold hardy, BUT won't suffer too much in the heat. (VERY low humidity though as I live in the high desert.)

#4 PRETTY! (I don't like plain old white, buff, etc... But I DO like solid black. LOVE mottled and spangled.)

#5 Not overly fluffy, Especially in the butt feathers. (So nothing like English Opringtons.) Just NOT practical in my area.


#7. Docile temperaments. ( I don't DO aggressive animals of ANY kind. I don't take that crap from cattle or horses. Not having it from a bird either!) They don't have to be the "pet" type wanting to sit on my lap, but no going after me for sport either.) Also don't want any that are known for being on the aggressive side with flock mates. I'm not talking about "pecking order". Of course THAT is natural. I mean jerks that like to beat up on others for sport.

#8. No care at all for egg color nor number of eggs as that is not the reason for having them.

#9. Need to be tolerant of confinement. Will have large outdoor run, but no free ranging in the winter, so they need to be OK with that.

So what say you? Am I looking for a unicorn? Or do any of you have ideas for me to look into. Also wanted to say I will NOT be going the hatchery route. So no need to go into breeds that are overly rare and have 1 breeder in the USA that is on the east coast and doesn't ship! LOL
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