mated pair of Emboden Geese..

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    Apr 27, 2011
    North Idaho
    i am in north idaho..
    these are not my geese but a close friends who can no longer take care of them because of total replacement surgury and loss of income.
    she is asking 200 for both.
    of them female is laying everyday now.. she is 2 years old and very good watch dog.. she was raised with turkeys and chickens and does very well with both..
    i will drive to spokane, moscow area if i need to if you can meet me at those places
    male is 6 months old and very friendly loves to be held and doesnt mind chickens and turkeys..
    if you pay for shipping and box will send to you!!
    female is beautiful and has won best in water fowl in our county fair.. she will come with her plaq and blue ribbon..
    can get better pictures if you would like to see more.. took these at night so not best quality..
    she loves her geese but can not afford to feed them they are beautiful and fun!!!

    she is also asking 100 for the chinese if you want her also we will give her for free for price of shipping and box
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