Matilda, Friends, and the Person Who Feeds Them Sometimes

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    I went outside to play with my chickens Tuesday, after a long morning of taking pictures of mushrooms, and decided to get some pictures of the birds as well.
    Matilda, Who is very friendly, and lays light green eggs
    It has been raining for a good 2 weeks, so there are plenty of mushrooms. I removed this one, because there were peck marks out of it. [​IMG]
    Tilly likes to jump on my back. She is so cute.
    She is probably on of my favorite chickens.
    Beaker (roo) and Murphy (White Hen) with Ghost-Face-Killa (Black Hen) in the middle.
    Beaker is very handsome, even though as a chick he was very plain.
    Grumpy Quasimodo. She used to peck my legs and my dad's legs, but has ceased. She is very friendly.
    Spraddle, up front, has some hip issues related to her having spraddle leg as a chick. Her nicknames are Spradley, Sprad, Spraddikin, and Dick Dead-eye.
    Little Jerry is the puffed up one in the background. She is a wellie, and after brooding for 2.5 months, her eggs are no longer speckled, but a uniform terra cotta color.

    The young-uns ( Beaker, Tilly, Sprad, Quasi, and Ghost-face) are about 7 months old, or 28 weeks. They are all laying, except for Beaker, because he is a dude.
    Murphy and Jerry were 8 mos old when we got them last November.... so... They are about a year and a half old.
    Mabel and Billina (the Orps) are a bit older than that.

    I love my chickens. They are just so cute!
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    May 24, 2010
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    Very nice flock [​IMG]

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