Mating death or prolapse death, I didn't not witness...

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    I have a question, and I tried searching it, and wow... so darn difficult to find an answer, even after searching through a lot of threads...

    Can a cockerel kill a hen by standing on her after mating? There are no injuries on my hen, she's just dead in the nest box, and my faverolle cockerel who is coming into his manliness will stand on the hens for several seconds sometimes, then mate again, stand and then get off... SO, I was wondering if it is a possibility that she died from him standing on her? The nest she was in was the broody coop, so no real nest box, but just deep litter with a nest in it that several hens prefer to the 6 other nest boxes... Well anyway, I checked her over and found no injuries to her back, under her wings, her neck or her head. I flipped her over and looked at her belly, and it felt a little squishy, crop full, normal feeling, but her vent looked odd. Never seen one like that on a dead hen before, so my other question is, could she have died from a prolapse that quick? She was coming out of her molt, and had just started laying again last week... The vent was kinda protruding a little, but not a lot, just the look of how it is prior to the egg starting to come out. No, I didn't feel an egg in there, and there as an egg in the nest, that looked like her normal egg, no blood on it... Comb and wattles normal looking as well.

    This is a first for me on this, I am at a loss. Never had any of the other cockerels stand on the hens before that I noticed. He is has only just started to do the rooster deed, or trying to do the rooster deed in the last week, week and a half. He's also 6 months old, probably about 8 pounds, so he is also a bit of a clutz, but before this, there have been no deaths. No feather loss either, no bloody necks, bald spots, bloody combs from grabbing. Aside from being clutzy and a standing on them for several seconds, he hasn't really hurt any one. The hens submit fairly quickly as well, no fighting...

    I looked up images of prolapsed vents, but they seem much more pronounced than what my hens looked like. The hen, Vonna, was a GLW who was 20 months old. She was a big girl too, probably about 6 pounds...
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    It wasn't the cockerel's fault at all. Sounds maybe something egg related or possibly just one of those things. Sorry you lost your bird, but I don't see anything preventable from what you've described.

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