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Jul 15, 2009
Hi everybody! Haven't been on for a while, sorry.

Anyway, lately we've given away 3 mixed cockerel brothers to someone else, and now we're left with 5 hens...we think. 2 of them, who are proper breeds and not related in any way. (Lemon Cuckoo Orp, and Black Jersey Giant) We're abit confused because the 3 cocks have now matured but the Orp and the Jersey have the tell-tale signs of a cock, but they all hatched at the same time, in the same incubator. And they haven't started crowing.
So, we're wondering if they're hens, or cockerels. All are roughly 20 weeks, maybe slightly more.

Any help would be much appreciated.
I would not rely on lack of crowing to sex a chicken. Some can wait a long time, especially if they are not the dominant one. If you could post pictures, I'm sure people on here will give you a definitive answer. The Orpington's can be a little tough. I'm not familiar with the Jersey Giant.
Oh ok, thanks! I'll try and put some photos on - but I'm not that great at all with PC and camera stuff. Especially uploading.
I have 6mo. old BR rooster not crowing yet but definatly a rooster because I've seen him in action but he's not the king of the yard so I think he might be trying run incognito to keep from getting wipped every time he comes around.

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