Maturing Silkie rooster making strange noises

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    Jun 29, 2017
    Hey all! So my lastest batch of chicks turned out to be almost all male! Besides this they are still coming along well. I already had 3 roosters and now have another 3 young roosters who are starting to mature. One of them recently started crowing! Super cute! They are all still coming along well with eachother. I am planning on selling or giving away a few of them before I have coop full of men waltzing around. My problem is this: one of the young roosters (who hasn't started to crow yet) has been making strange sounds since this morning. I came outside to clean the coop a bit and I heard him making all these strange noises. The other chickens don't seem alarmed by him but it is rather strange to see and hear. He seems perfectly healthy. I thought maybe he had a cold but his nose isn't stuffed or anything. Atleast not that I can see. He first stopped doing it if you picked him up. A few minutes ago I went outside to the coop to gather all the roosters that crow and put them inside so they wouldn't wake up the neighbour's in the morning. When I had awoken the chickens because I entered, the rooster started doing it again! I don't know what's wrong. Maybe he's trying to crow? Or he thinks there's a predator? I'm at a loss. When I picked him up to put inside aswell he didn't stop making the sound. It is very strange to me and I was wondering what could be wrong. Does anyone have any ideas? I have a video of him making the sounds. Thanks in advance!!

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    Nov 15, 2013
    That's sneezing. Have you checked his nares to see if they're clear? Also, check inside his mouth and his eyes. He may have something irritating him or he may have a respiratory infection.
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    The one shaking his head and “barking” seems to be sneezing. Is that the noise you are refering to? Keep an eye on him, as he could becoming down with a respiratory infection. How’s the ventilation in your coop? I would provide poultry vitamins in the water. He may need a little supplemental heat, but for now looks great aside from the sneezing.
    Is there anything he could have lodged in his airway?
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    I just watched the video again. He is also shaki g his head. Is there any discharge?
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    Jun 29, 2017
    Hey all thanks for the tips! I looked in his beak and I did see some slime on the top of it but not alot. He also is doing it far less since this morning. I hope it will be come soon. I have some vitamins and I will give him some of that to boost his immune system. Thanks again! I'll keep you updated!
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    I agree that is sneezing. Is more than one doing that - it's hard to tell?

    Slime in the beak - is his crop emptying overnight? Did you happen to see any obstructions, plaque or lesions?

    Sneezing can be from a number of things - respiratory illness, food in the throat or nares, dusty or moldy bedding, not enough ventilation are a few. You mention that you close the roosters up to keep them a bit quieter - does he sneeze more when they are closed up?

    If he continues to sneeze like that, you may want to separate him so you can monitor him more closely. You can try something like VetRx first to see if that makes a difference. If you notice mucous from the nostrils, watery eyes, etc. then it could be respiratory illness.
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