Mauled Turkey, Thigh exposed, please help!!!!!


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7 Years
Jan 28, 2012
Owenton, Kentucky
we cleaned the wound but I'm not sure she will recover from it
it's pretty severe... As you can see from the picture most of her thigh has no skin or feathers anymore and she has a few large puncture holes... we rinsed everything then squirted her down with betadine then applied an antibiotic ointment but it didn't stick very well, I'm pretty sure she'll need some actual antibiotics, any suggestions on type and dosage? and treatment options... she is still very with it so I want to give her a chance if she has one but also don't want her to suffer unnecessarily.
I had a chicken with a similar would on her thigh. I cleaned it out and appiled Ploysporin (and antibiotic gel) to the would on a daily basis. I put a lot on the wound for the first few days (squeezed the tube right into the would) until it started to heal over then applied a lighter coat of it each day for about 2 weeks. The wound healed up quite nicely. I also kept her seperate from all the other chickens so that they wouldn't peck at it.
You can also use Blue Kote after the wound has started to heal, will help keep a protective covering over it, fair warning though, what ever you spray it on will be blue to purple looking and does not wash off, nothing like going to work with a blue hand or two !

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