Maybe an emergency


11 Years
Mar 22, 2008
I dont know for sure, I had a water container malfunction this evening, everyone one is dry now and in new bedding and Im not sure how it happen, but the 2 teenny little ones seemed to be the most uncomfortable, i dryed them off and in front of space heater , they went back and everyone was eating and I saw everyone drink, will they be ok as wet as they all were , they might have been chilled for 30 min or so, i check them often through the day.
Just keep an eye on them. Now that they are completely dry, just gotta watch. Not sure how old they are, but if they are fully feathered, they were probably just uncomfortable. If they were still chicks, a bit of vitamins might help post stress, but as long as they are peppy and eating, I wouldn't worry too much.
They are about 3 days I think, 4 at most, they seem comfortable now and all are eating and drinking good, Im watching them like every ten min and no one seems stressed anymore. I hope they dont have a delay reaction.

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