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Apr 27, 2008
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So yestreday was day 18, and my brother unplugged the fan. So since the incubator is sadle at shcool, I came in the next morning to find the temp. at 72 degrees! Added on that, I looked in to find three had pipped due to the shock.

We fixed the temp., apparantly he unplugged the wrong plug, and put the pippers in to there lamp heated tub. One hatche don its own, and one of the pippers died inside, but we have another pipper that's still kicking but can't get out of the egg.

The hatched one is slowly learning to walk, but I don't mind if he's a little slow, he looks a little smalelr than usual, but he's coming around and adopting the normal behavior.

My big quesiton is, what do you think is gonna happen to the rest fo the eggs. i mean its only day 19, so do you think that temp. dip has messed them all up?
There have been several posts on here before that this happened and they still had several hatch! Good Luck dont give up hope yet.

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