Mayhem in the Henhouse

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    Feb 1, 2015
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    Help!! I have a new flock ( they have been together since last Spring). I had one chicken from an old flock, but they have done well together up until the last 2 months. I'm wondering if it was the weather (we had a very wet and cold winter) but my previous flocks have never had an issue. I do have birds from multiple breeds. Anyway, about 2 months ago I noticed they were losing feather on their bum. And one had a deep peck wound. I removed the injured bird until it was healed , but then another bird got a peck wound. And I'm not talking a little peck wound, but deep to the bone on some of them. It took a month for them to heal up. I've spent hours and days reading and trying too figure out the cause. Plus I have no idea, who is the pecker. Pun intended!! ;( I"ve tried toys, and treats, and finally I did the Pinless Peepers yesterday. I went down today and one has managed to get her Peepers off and her bum is bleeding !! Aghhhh!! They can't really free range unless I'm out there, we have coyotes. Suggestions ?? How the heck did they peck with the Peepers on ?? Any constructive advice would be appreciated. Thanks!!
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    Hi, not that this is constructive advise but I have 4 hens and one is a pecker ... and she is also wearing pin-less peepers ... and she is still at it. Lucky for me she does not injure them but she does pull out feathers. The one she pecks the most just stands there and allows her to do this ... so irritating. The rest are either above her in the pecking order or run from her. They get plenty of protein and have plenty of space. I put crates, a bale of straw, etc. in the runs so they have places to get away from her. I took her away from the flock and kept her in a dog crate in the garage for about a week, then put her back (she was so sweet when by herself). She behaved for a while but is back at it. I don't know the answer .... sorry.

    BTW, all my hens are the same breed.
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