mayor dumps shelter dogs in national forrest

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    That's sooo sad. [​IMG]
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    Ohhh Lord!! What a QUACK!! No, no, not a quack.. that's disrespectful to ducks to call this jerk of a mayor a quack!!

    I cannot believe someone has not raised holy heck about this! The nerve of some people.

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    What the **** was he thinking? Poor pooches. I hope they get someone that finds them and takes proper care of them so they don't starve to death or kill all the smaller wildlife in the forest.



    Or worse yet kill livestock or bite people because they are so scared. There was a huge pack of wild dogs at our HS and they killed some of our sheep before Animal Control would do anything about them.
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    I saw that on the news the other day :mad: - I haven't seen if the ASPCA has moved on him yet...have they?
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    Not sure, just found this a few minutes ago on craigslist. I took out the phone numbers..LOL

    Mayor Lacks Compassion (Helena-West)

    Reply to: see below
    Date: 2008-06-16, 10:20PM CDT

    This Mayor will have much to answer for when he faces his judgement day. Lack of compassion for animals doesn't say much for compassion for humans. Mayor James Vally should never hold another public office again!


    I receive a lot of animal related e-mail. Today I received a post about the mayor of a small city in Arkansas who ordered the dogs in the city's shelter dumped into the nearby national forest. Knowing there are a lot of hoaxes on the net, I called up to verify.
    It was true. Mayor James Valley of the city of Helena in Arkansas ordered the sanitation workers to dump the dogs under the city's jurisdiction to be dumped in an area called Stone Creek. He was offended that a group of citizens kept tabs on the city shelter. It really wasn't a shelter, just dogs kept in huts so to speak at the dump. The conditions were deplorable and the mayor got into a snit, according to a reporter I talked to. So he told the workers to dump the remaining dogs, which they did.
    The story is on the newspaper's website: The Daily Leader in Helena, Ark.
    The mayor's phone numbers are: and his cell phone is
    His personal website is:

    I talked to him today. He has no regrets about what he did. He also has no plans for animal control. Money isn't an issue either. The city has half a million dollar surplus fund that he refuses to spend on animals. The reporter told me whenever there are animal issues before the council, he tables them. I pity the poor strays in Helena.


    Mayor lets strays out, draws yelps
    by Mike Linn (contact)
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    LITTLE ROCK — Helena-West Helena Mayor James Valley, faced with continual complaints about inadequate shelter for stray dogs, made an executive decision this week: Let the dogs go free.

    His decision, however, sparked an investigation and allegations that he broke the law by authorizing the release of eight to 10 dogs near a landfill and national forest.

    Now he’s throwing his hands up and getting out of the animal control business altogether, at least for now.

    “For now we’re not going to pick them up until we can figure somewhere to keep them. Our animal control officer, we’ll find some other stuff for him to do. He can work on
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  6. wow. it amazes me how stupid some people are.
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    I bet he was SO run down by phone calls and complaints about the shelter - and with no finances to fix or build another - this is probably as much a publicity stunt as anything.
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    What an IDIOT. Certainly if an effort was made, a humane organization could have been found that would have stepped in to take in the dogs till a home could be found for them. I hope such organizations are scouting the release site and can attract some of them back with food. Poor dogs.

    Years ago one of my city homeless dog rescues was adopted by prominent elected official - I cautioned this person to be very careful not to let him out unleashed at least for some weeks until he undeniably imprinted on her and her family. I was assured this advice would be followed. The next day they broke their promise and the dog ran off when they had it outside without leash. Heartbreaking because it was no longer in a city where it had figured out how to survive. Their home was in a rural area adjacent to a huge forest. It was probably a death sentence. This was a dog, like many who land in shelters, who had been through a lot and wouldn't approach strangers on its own - too scared - it needed time and patience and love. Still upsets me all these years later.

  9. That guy is such an IDIOT. What does he think the dogs will do? most likely they will starve and die. I think that he should be arrested for animal cruelty.

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