Mc Healhy Hatcheries


May 22, 2015
I ordered my chickens and turkeys in Feburary 2015 and paid for them in FULL. I received them at the end of April first the turkeys came ina dn then the chickens were to arrive. I received a call that they had not hatched as desired so it would be after the weekend. I have lost 1-2 babies each day and now they are dying in 5 -15 at a time. I am down to 3 turkeys and 1/4 of the birds I purchased.

With that being said I purchased around 100 birds from Tractor Supply, veriety of chickens and ducks a month before. I lost on bantam and 2 ducks ONLY!

I left a message for the company on my DISAPPOINTMENT, all the baby birds from them sound as if they have colds. I noticed that all the birds came in with a raspy breathing sound. I should have sent them back and called the company. I put the solution in the water and antibotic food to attempt to cure. We will see what the company it going to do moving forward.

My biggest concern now is my other chickens, and ducks

Jennifer J

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