McGyver or Larry the Cable Guy?

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    I would welcome any advice. I bought this Astro for a song. Looks great, runs great. Just very high milage. This is the plan, but I would welcome any advice. The bed is 4x8, plus the wheel wells.The driver's compartment is separated by an awesome door. Very secure, and with removable plexiglass over the ventilation holes in it. We plan on building the nesting boxes so that they attach to the outside of the sliding door with lag bolts. That way I can access from outside, and we can take it off when we want to move it. I intend to back it right up to my run, 15x75 or so, and put a doggie door in one of the back doors. We'll keep it there through the winter, and move the whole business a few times through the summer next year. My husband says that he can hook up a small fan, so we can use the existing heater vents to circulate air. He's actually talking about rigging up a piece of 4"pipe, insulating it really well, and drawing warm air from the house. I have a ton of land and only one very cool neighbor. Anyway, the van looks much better than our farm truck. I was kind of surprised not to see more people doing something similar. Maybe there's a reason! (The run is between the garden, right up to the house.

    Oops. I'm thinking the spa e will be adequate for 15 hens, & 1 rooster.
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    Some have done it.....hard to properly ventilate and predator proof.

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