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    So I called them today to modify my order (again), and found this page:

    I thought it was interesting seeing which breeds seem to sell out and which they still have some of. I wonder, too, how many they have of each breed. I would think they would probably hatch far more red stars then say, polish. I would be interesting to see how they can know in advance how many eggs they will have of each breed; therefore, how many chicks they will have to sell. I wonder if they ever take orders from chicks, and then at the time of shipping, run out of that particular breed and sex. Must be a really fascinating operation from start to finish.

    And I also wonder, what do they do with the chicks left over? I realize the male chicks probably get canned, but they probably have lots of hen chicks left over too. I wonder if they offer good deals to the locals to come and pick up chicks each week.
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    Thanks for posting that link! It helps me out alot [​IMG]

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