Mcmurray hatchery: SQ?

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    i read on the Reviews on them breeds that they won shows with there birds, i want to know if any one on here did.
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    Ive saw at the 4h shows where hatchery birds havd won at shows. But I honestly think all the birds were poor quality, not breeder birds. [​IMG] At our county fair open show their were many different breeds, but one could definatly tell the difference in breeder vs. hatchery birds.
    I have both hatchery birds and breeder birds, and the difference in quailty is a huge difference.
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    Jul 21, 2010
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    Well, take this for example - Murray McMurray, though it tells its customers not to show their "Americana/Araucanas," has a feedback log of all the "happy customers" with them. In quite a few, you find crap like this:

    " I purchased 10 of your chicks from our local feed store. I took my Americana pullet to the fair and won 4-H grand champion. "


    I have yet to ever see SQ Murray McMurray birds. Yes, you can win with poor birds at a 4H, but no, that does not mean they were actually worth it. I've gotten 10 different breeds from them and none were close to the standards.
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    Our local county fairs do not go by APA standards. They have 3 categories: egg, meat and novelty. For the area, that means an egg bird is a molting red sex link, a meat bird is a Cornish-Rock hybrid that is squashed into a cage too small for it and a novelty breed is either a cute banty rooster or a Polish that crows constantly.

    I won't do local fairs for this reason. The judges don't even know what they're judging.

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