me and my new feathered kids


11 Years
Mar 20, 2008
NE Wisconsin
I have lived in the city since I was born, up until 6 months ago. Now I've been thrust in to the country life and subsequently have a small flock of chickens to go with my new house. My fiancee decided to get a bunch of chickens and other poultry when we moved in to our new place. I never had such things before. But now that we have them, a small flock of 38 chickens and 3 pheasants, I must say I am enthralled by them. This is absolutely amazing! I have already named most of them. Though I am no fool about the sources of my food, thus I've named most of them after chicken related food dishes. My favorite is a rooster name Kuri(curry). It's only been a few weeks since we've gotten these chickens from a poultry enthusiast and I have to tell you I'd like to make some of these chickens my friends. But I'm not sure how to go about earning a chickens trust or friendship. Any ideas?
My girls and guys were full grown when I got them, and I earned their trust by offering goodies. I would sit down in the run with them and hold some scratch in my hand, and eventually they'll come up and eat. Chickens are too curious to resist you for long.
Now, my flock free ranges and they mob me when I come outside.
Time & Patience and treats. Worked for me.

Welcome to the country life & to BYC.
Thanks! All of our chickens came to us as adults. we got a great deal on them. a dollar a bird. They are all different breeds mixed together so we have been getting some beautifully colored eggs from them all. I can't wait until it warms up(we're in north-eastern Wisconsin) so we can leave the eggs in there and let them hatch some babies. I am a total animal lover and am looking forward to it. I have been sitting in the coop with them and letting them eat leftovers, like popcorn, out of my hands. Two of the chickens, Kuri and Elsie, already have started to follow me around the coop and peck at me expecting to get a treat. But that's as far as it goes. I'd like to get some of them comfortable enough to let me pick them up or perch on my arm. I might just have to wait until they have chicks and be really involved with raising them.
* Well, Mine had no real choice, honestly. She was sopped, chilled & starving first time I saw her at the top of our driue late one night when we came home from a friends. . . We'd had 3+ days of cold fall rain & wind. She was too beat to resist, regardless of WHAT we'd of done with her. (Not that there was any question. . .) And I couldn't resist the poor little thing at all, either. A Match made in Heauen, I truly believe! . . :aww:love
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