Meal worms


9 Years
Dec 6, 2010
I have seen people can get dried meal worms for chickens. Is it ok to feed them live ones? My local pet store does the live ones but not dried ones.
Feeding chickens live mealworms is EXTREMELY DANGEROUS!!

(They love them so much, they'll swarm all over you once they realize what you've got)
actually, chickens will eat almost every bug and insect they find......slugs, spiders, beetles u name it. and they love 'em. they are high in protien, so its kinda healthy.
When i cleaning up tomato plants from the summer i found a tomato worm and gave it to my ladies. at first they didn't know what to do with it then miss rustie grabbed it and ran with it. Gross
occasionaly ill give them an earth worm, and the one who gets it had to run away to eat it as the rest chase her down trying to steal it.....its kinda funny to watch.
they will also chase flies in the summer, but they arent too successful.

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