Mealworm Beetle Starter Set For Sale


13 Years
Aug 5, 2008
If you're interested in raising mealworms for your chickens or pets, here's a great way to get started. This Beetle Jumbo Starter Set includes almost everything you'll need to raise these nutritious treats. You'll receive everything you see in the picture -- Three 6 qt containers with screen vents, wheat bran (approx. 2.5 lbs.), 160+ ready-to-lay beetles, and an information sheet. All you need to add when you receive them is a moisture source, like carrots or potatoes, and in 2-3 months you'll have upwards of 9,000-12,000 mealworms. Your chickens will love you!
The cost is only $25 plus shipping (USPS Priority Mail). I will also sell the set without the containers and bran, but with a section of screen, if you want to use your own containers and food, for $10 plus $4.80 postage USPS Priority Mail shipped anywhere in the U.S. I have these ready for immediate shipping.

Beetle Jumbo Starter Set:


With proper care and feeding you'll have 3 times this in 2-3 months!

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HOw does this work ? I have sugar gliders and hedge hogs and they love these things . ANd i cant get them year round around here so this could work out quite well for me
It's quite easy. You just put the wheat bran and beetles in the containers, add a piece of carrot every couple days, and in 2-3 months you'll have a LOT of mealworms!
do they live in the wheat brand like bedding and eat it ?
And where can i buy more of it whn i need it ?

I think i will order the kit from you . seems easy enough
I would like to say to those considering taking advantage of this. Farming your mealworms is so much cheaper than buying them. This is (in my opinion) a fair deal being offered. I don't think you could do this any cheaper and it is a nice setup.

Chickens love them.

Good luck.
Advocate for raising your own mealworms.
Yes, they live in and eat the bran. Bran can be purchased at grocery stores, or for larger amounts, you can go to a feed store.

PM me your zip and I'll calculate postage for you.
I would highly recommend getting in on this! I bought a starter kit from sillybirds and am very glad I did, the chickens eat more worms than I can imagine and I'm glad I'll be able to support their habit by raising my own mealworms.

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