Mealworms 😂


Apr 22, 2020
I got a sassy hen who struts her self around whoever she sees and you go to touch her she runs off she has a bit of a pasty butt so I wanted to check her vent. She play's a catch me if you can game with me so I grabbed some meal worms and put them in my pocket and would bring one out she was in my lap digging in my hoodie pocket. I so wish I had video it was the cutest. Anyone else use meals worms as a bribe? 😂


In the Brooder
Feb 2, 2021
Québec, Canada
Right from day one, I "trained" my 3 hens to stop whatever they are doing to come see me on command. I shake the mealworm container and yell out "come chickies!"

They will abruptly stop any activity, look up in search of where I am at a distance and have a mad dash towards me, running as fast as they possibly can, wings flapping and hovering.

Once they reach me, they will follow me like lil puppies until a give them some. These fluff balls learned the come command faster than my dog! They absolutely LOVE mealworms.

I love showing guests that little trick... most people don't realize chicken are smart. ;)

I will put a video of this once the snow melts.

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