mealworms /pellet food by bulk?

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    Hello all:

    We are looking for some ways to save $$ on food for our 8 chickens/ 5 turkeys/ 2 guineas and our 1 rooster. I think I'm burned out on going to the feed and supply store all the time. Can anyone recommend a good supplier for our flock? :love

    Thanks so much!
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    How much feed are you going through? You shouldn't buy feed too far in advance as vitamins degrade. You can pick up a few extra bags as long as you use it up in a month or so. I'm feeding more than 100 birds and we pick up feed 2x a month.
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    Me too! I want the feed to be used within six or at most eight weeks of the mill date. Fresh is best! Buying in bulk only works if you are sharing it with other flock keepers, so it's still fresh when fed.
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