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    i have 7 pearl guineas that were brooded up with lf blk cochins. for i while i though they were just racist, because they would only chase the blk and white chickens, but now the go after everything except the duck. they grab on to the feathers of the cochins and hang on while the cochin runs. like a game. i rarely every let them all out together now. when i do they will always go back with the cochins and follow them around not always picking on them, but like they were siblings. i have also noticed that they will not cross anything they see on the ground be it fence post, or sticks. i make one change to their pen like putting a tarp on top of it and they holler all day and all night. if anyone has any idea how to get them to stop chasing the chickens please tell me. i don't want to get rid of them or kill them so be nice. when i catch them chasing the other birds when they are penned, i spray them with the hose. that is what worked on the other guinea, but these dumb guineas just duck their heads and keep going. they have all the rest of the birds terrified. need help please.[​IMG]

    oh and they also chase the school bus too.
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    I was driving down Flower Street between 32nd and 36th Streets and I saw a flock of guineas CHASING after a couple of boys... and they looked serious. I've decided I could never own them.
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    You cannot train a guinea to go against his nature. Generally, they are bullies. Folks tend to expect them to act like and get along with chickens, but that isn't usually the case. They do better separate in their own society. I had to rehome mine for that very reason. I want them again some day but they won't live with the chickens again.
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    When my keets were younger the chickens were the boss .. the tides have turned now .. the guineas are the boss! [​IMG]
    AT first they would only chase the younger chickens, but now they chase EVERYBODY around, even my grouchy ol' BO hen J.T. ... who, by the way floggs me .... she really wants to be a rooster I think ... [​IMG]

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