Mean baby Wyandottes?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by sarahsc0tt, Jul 18, 2011.

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    Hello ...

    I have recently started my second flock of chickens after my first one was destroyed by some predator. It is mostly Laced Wyandottes and a few Silkies. The baby Wyandottes are 4 days old and they are MEAN. They hate me and they bite every time I stick my hand in the cage to feed, water or hold--in an attempt to socialize--them. My first flock were Easter Egg/Ameraucana's and never bit once, even the rooster. I get bit by my 3 month Silkie rooster sometimes but only when he's hungry. Since I'm a beginner and this is my first time with Wyandotte's I am wondering if this is normal. One little Silver Laced is particularly nippy. I'm a bit disheartened by this. Of course these chickens will be "working" animals as providers of eggs and (eventually) meat and my Silkies satisfy all the "pet chicken" urges I may harbor but I expected them to be a little more friendly. Why do they bite? They are so young and I'm very gentle and quiet around them. They are such little things but they bite hard! Is this normal for Wyandottes? I did research and thought they were normally docile. My chicks came from an excellent and 100% trusted source. Will they grow out of it or should I just prepare myself for a future of nasty, nippy chickens? Thank you!

    - SS
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    I'm not familiar with Wyandottes, but strictly speaking on the nipping part; we've got five 13 day old chicks right now (five different breeds), and while they are all very friendly and easily handled, they will all occasionally bite (and twist and pull) on skin periodically. They only seem to do this if they spot a mole/hair/or other skin blemish that interests them or if we are giving them feed from our hands and the feed runs out (then they'll each try a finger or fingernail before walking away).

    It can definitely hurt if they get a good grip (which they often do), but I think it's all because they think it's food and/or are looking for food. We usually will say "ouch" loudly when it does hurt, which startles them and they immediately stop. Thus, I don't think this will be a real problem, but maybe it's a similar case with yours - food seeking and/or mistaking skin/skin marks for food?
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    That's just curiousity-not meanness. They're way of checking things out.
  4. My silver laced wyandottes are very sweet... my barred rock roos on the other hand are very evil...
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    In with all my chicks I do have a couple wyandottes that are just like the rest.. they run till I get them then let me hold em. Never been bitten by them...yet. Though a few days ago I was giving my other chickens some treats. Once done I squared down to just watch them. I hold out my arm, tap my wrist and my lil crested bantam polish will fly upto it...then No.2 wants up, a bantam frizzled cochin...he gets up. Now comes a lil cochin bantam..he bites my finger and doesn't let go. It didn't hurt but was funny. He bites it then with his huge feathered feet he is either doing some dance or stomping his feet like a lil kid throwing a temper tantrum. Either was get got my full attention and I gave him his 2 other pals (who are roos above him on the pecking order)
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    Curious! That makes sense. Well, they're super-cute so they're welcome to bite me any time ... as long as they don't make a life-time habit of it ... lol!

    - SS
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    My two SLW's were so boisterous and onery that I almost gave them up. I really disliked them when they were chicks. But now they are 4 1/2 months old and both are very sweet. One I can handle easily and the other is kinda wild, but is still very sweet.
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