Mean Bielefelder Chick


Dec 31, 2017
I purchased 6 couple day old chicks on the 21st of March. 3 Bielefelder pullets and 3 Euskal Oiloas straight run. One of the B’s is a total, well, she’s a big “B”. Within a couple days she was pecking the eyes of the EO’s. Then a couple days later I caught her vent pecking an EO baby. I caught it at the beginning thankfully so with some TLC the injured chick is recovering but it was pretty ugly. I have since put her in a time out box where she of course loses her mind. I have tried reintegrating her a couple times but after A couple of hours she starts eye pecking again. She is smaller than the others so it’s not an age thing I don’t think. Once she's out of the brooder all of the others relax and they are quite calm. When she’s in there it’s utter chaos. We chose calm breeds because we need family friendly birds. I read somewhere that aggressive Bielefelder chicks are culled by breeders to keep the breeds docile nature. I just paid $12 for this chick. Am I supposed to cull her??

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