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  1. Spaniel Hen

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    Nov 2, 2009
    I have 2 buff brahma banty hens in a mixed flock. Sweetums is wonderful and gentle - and sweet. Snots is mean to me, and I'm wondering how to get her to stop. I've never been mean to her, and I'd like to keep her. She pecks me, and it's to the point where she's almost drawing blood. This week she discovered that it's more effective if she jumps above my muck boot to peck my leg - and I usually do my morning chores in my PJs. I can pick her up, and her neck feathers ruffle, she'll eat out of my hand...she's used to being handled. She also likes to peck at me when I pet any of the other hens - she'll come over and tell me to leave her friend alone. Any ideas on how I can get Snots to not be such a snot?! She just started laying a couple months ago. Got her from Can I change her attitude?
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    Really couldn't say. Some birds just have a 'tude.
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    I have one hen that does the same thing. For a while I had a permanent perfectly round black/blue spot just under my knee. Then I started taking my finger and "pecking" her back every time she pecked me. It stops for a few days then she does it again and I have to peck her. Mine is a full sized Cochin/Silver Laced Wyandotte mix so she is BIG and has on occasion gotten me on the thigh. I have also recently realized that if I stop and pet her first, I don't usually get pecked. She is not my alpha, is in fact the youngest but is by far the biggest and I guess feels she deserves attention before anything else happens.
  4. Spaniel Hen

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    Nov 2, 2009
    Thanks. I will try the finger pecking - that's a good idea. I'll also try to pick her up first thing and pet her, and see if that helps too, and give her first dibs at treats. She is pretty high in the flock pecking order, and was bold even as a chick.

    And, yes, this may be one of those, it is what is deals, and that's why her name is Snots!

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