Mean chicken pecking at others???


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Oct 15, 2017
Hi all!!

I have had my four girls since about early September (they are all EE). Things have all gone fairly smoothly, that is, until recently. One of my girls is now continually pecking at the others, primarily one in particular. The one she is pecking on, and my other girls all get along fine. Today, I was forced to separate my ¨mean¨ hen from the others? I am really worried about my girls. I have no idea how to handle this, as I am fairly new to this all. If this keeps up we will be forced to get rid of her?

Any ideas about how to fix this??
Thanks all so much!!
Sometimes by seperating the mean one for just a little bit will reset the pecking order, when you put her back in a couple days from now things should be better. Is the one chicken she was pecking bleeding? She could have tasted blood if there was any, that causes repeat pecking
@HuskerHens18 I didn´t see any blood or anything else, so hopefully, she dodged that. I´ll try to separate her, at least for the daytime hours. We have a fair amount of fox, so if they aren´t in the coop at night, things might not end up too well! Thanks so much for the input :)
If there is no bleeding, and there are no injuries; you could separate the hen that you're having trouble with by putting some wire between the the dominant hen and the rest of the flock.
Your "mean" girl should calm down in a few days :) If there are in injuries, separate them immediately.
If separation doesn’t work, you might try this: pinless peepers
I used them few years ago for couple of months when I had mean girls.

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