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Oct 3, 2010
hello and thanks for all the help. 4 ri reds 14,12 weeks 2 buff orps 8weeks. i tried againg today to let the ri reds out in the back yard with the buffs and the dogs nina 120lb german shepard and grace a goofy looking mut who both love the buff but not the ri reds. as soon as i let them out two of the actually attacked grace then the other two attacked the buffs then nina went into protect mode and it was all i could do to hold her. the buffs seem to like everybody and will even jump in your lap. but my ri reds peck and are mean to everything but me is this normal and will they change? i realy would like to let them free range.
How have the two groups been housed up until this point? Do they see each other every day through wire? Or are they brand new to each other?

RIR are definitely more aggressive than BOs. And some squabbling will be part of their establishing a pecking order. Unless someone draws blood, i would let that go.

Next time, i think i would do it without the dogs, until the chickens can work something out. It sounds to me like the chicks are trying to let the dogs know that they're not punks.

I've had chicks do that to older chicks before - just go up and peck someone in the eye just to say "hey, don't mess with me." And it works.

You might also try putting one RIR out with the rest at one time. Being outnumbered will help them to tone it down a little bit.

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