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  1. chickimomma

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    Nov 11, 2007
    hello all, this is my 1st post and my 1st chicks.i'm guessing chick are 5to6 weeks,their about 80% was killed and we've had them in a lg.plastic storage bin(36x18)(8chicks)for 3 weeks.things have been going great ,growing,eating and pooping well till baby repeatedly attacked another till it made a blood spot and we had to remove the hurt baby.what can we doctor him with and how can we prevent this from continuing?thanks to all.

  2. silkiechicken

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    I would by this time get them into a bigger coop or run. They might want more space and am taking frustrations out on each other. As for the bloody spot, coat it with "blue kote" and or an "anit-pick" so it can heal.
  3. i totally agree with silkiechicken. At that age, they really need some room to move around. What breed are they? Because if they are a standard breed, they must be getting pretty big.

    Do you have an outdoor coop and pen ready for them? If not, you may want to put together a make-shift pen and supervise some outdoor time until a permanent enclosure is ready.

    Overcrowding and boredom will definitely get chicks pecking at each other.

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