Mean girl chicken behavior


8 Years
Jul 30, 2011
Bonney Lake
I have 3 chickens. (City code). Neighbors have 7 & had a rooster. I digress. Here is my concern. I have 2 BR & 1 RIR. The pair seem to be off on their own most of the day & the RIR is usually kind of a solitary girl. The ruler is 1 of the BR. In the coop the RIR roosts in the nest box & away from the other 2. They are not mean to her or aanything like that, it just seems she is the odd 1 out. I was wondering if getting another RiR would be better for her in the social circle, city code be darn, like my neighbor?I want her to be happy. I know they are social creatures.

Any thoughts or experience on something like this? They are all still laying eggs daily even in the darkness that is a Washington day. So no negative effects as far as I can see, other than me feeling bad for her.
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It seems that no matter how many chickens of the same breed I have, there's always a loner. If they are not being picked on or starved by not being allowed to eat, I just leave them be.

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