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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by vlass, May 4, 2017.

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    I have three pullets all four weeks old. Two of them are best buddies. They're always perched side by side or sleeping together, they cry when the other is away, and they do every single thing the same like mirror images of each other. Then there's the odd one out who always seems like the annoying little sister. She gets in the middle of them, or crouches low and runs between them separating their bonding, she's always trying to perch with them and they scoot away. "You can't sit with us". The worst of it is they peck her. I get pecking order but they both peck her little beak but not each other. I've also noticed she's been rubbing her face side to side on the ground sometimes. Is this normal?

    Also as I sit here watching them I'm noticing something I've never noticed. They're settling down to sleep and she keeps going up to the other two and sort of kneeling and lowering her head and doing a slow chirp that sounds almost like a trilly snore. It seems submissive but I have no idea what this is.
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    I'm new to this too, In fact i don't even have chickens O_O... but I'm getting some chicks tomorrow... anyways I've read that pecking order establishes itself over some time and its "ok" as long as it isn't drawing any blood or pulling out feathers, I've also red that seperating the bullies from the flock instead of the victim resets their pecking order so they won't be as aggresive, but this is all from what I've read and anyone is free to correct me.

    also I read that chickens can be attracted to the color red...? So that once they peck a wound into a chicken it just further aggregates the problem.
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    There is much to much attention paid to chick on chick pecking, etc.

    Not getting on your case but what do us humans know about chicken society?

    In my opinion hens know when it is important to peck a flock mate and when it isn't important.

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