Mean hen, and strange hen behavior?!

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    Since I introduced 3 new chicks I hatched in December to my two current 3 year old hens, the non-dominant hen of the two has been really bullying the three new girls. In the beginning it was full on chase them, now she's extremely aggressive during feeding time or any time there's some kind of food involved. She picks a lot especially on the biggest new girl (who is easily bigger and heavier than her, but so sweet that she never fights back). I'm assuming it's because she doesn't want to be on the bottom of the pecking order anymore?! The dominant hen doesn't seem to care too much about them, just a peck or two during meal time but not full on attacking and pulling out feathers! Ugh! The mean hen has also stopped laying eggs, when she was a very reliable layer. The two groups stay pretty far away from each other, it's like a chicken west side story..

    Also, my Easter Egger/rhode island mix (I think) of the three young girls does this strange behavior I've never seen before in a chicken. When they start going to roost, she tries to scoot under another hen. It's very strange to see her head peeking out from underneath one of the other girls. They seem to tolerate it, but then shift away. Before long all three are roosting normally. I hatched all three from eggs in an incubator, so I don't think she's missing being under a hen?! Very odd (and hilarious).

    I still haven't figure out how to post pictures, I definitely have pictures!

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