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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by conniesue27, Jun 18, 2010.

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    O.K. so here's my problem...I have 2 drakes and 1 hen left from original 6 that I got in March of this year. Up until about a week ago we were one big happy family. Now, one of the drakes has laid claim to the hen and is being mean to the other drake, he won't let him swim in the pool with them, and chases him away any time he gets close. Are we ever going to be a happy family again? How long is this going to last? It's so sad to see him just standing by the pool, he just wants to be with them! How long is it after mating that the hen lays her eggs? I just want them to get along again!
    Thanks for any info anyone has, I'm still new at this duck thing.
  2. with 2 males and 1 female you are going to go through this off and on ALL the time...That dominate drake will stick with the hen and isn't going to want #2 near her...They've matured and it could possibly get ugly and start having actual drake have 3 options : 1) just pen the 2nd drake seperate from the others...2) find more hens to add (atleast 3 - i'd suggest more though) for the 2 drakes to share...or 3) rehome the second drake...

    I have no experience with mallards really, only had 2 females as pets when i was kid...but if they are anything like drakes i've had before...yeah your situation may quickly turn into drake fights if the #2 drake decides he isn't one to play submissive all the time to the dominate one.
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    I have the same problem.....but worse! [​IMG] I have 4 drakes and 1 hen. The drakes will all jump in one big pile and fight until someone breaks them up. [​IMG] Luckily I have 9 more girls that will join the group in a few days. Thank goodness! [​IMG]

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