Mean, massive egg laying hen molting?

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    Apr 26, 2013
    I'm hoping someone can tell me what's happening to my best laying hen Starbrite. She has been bullying only 1 in the flock. Starbrite bonks Isabelle in the head every morning when they come out of the coop to eat, pecks and chases her all the time but never the others. Starbrite layed eggs all last winter with nice shells. Then we started to get a few soft shells and now her eggs are always rippled. She's got bald spots on both her shoulders or elbows (not sure what they are) and just looks rough like she went a few rounds with Tyson (no pun intended lol). She doesn't act sick, she eats like a pig and runs and continues to be a bossy control freak to the flock. lol I understand there's a pecking order but she's so mean to Isabelle that I've been thinking about getting rid of her. They looooooooove yogurt btw heh.

    Here's a pic of my sweet lil bully...any suggestions regarding her feathers and eggs are greatly appreciated.



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    Jun 29, 2014
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    I have the same thing happening but my bully is a RR that has chased all my other girls out of the laying box during the day and won't let them in to roost at night unless the proper order is followed!! My other girls are finding alternative places to lay but my production is going down considerably in the past 3 weeks. My bully is not laying either, so the stress of it all is making everyone stop laying eggs.
    She started with little hen pecks and would fight only with the other dominant chicken that is a black sex link, but now the RR (Angie) is picking cock fights with everybody,and when she decides to come out of the coop late afternoon to do her rounds it's like the bully on the play ground everyone scatters!
    She is getting much worse, I do adore her because her plumage is quite full and beautiful....but I'm afraid it's the pot for her this weekend.
    Unless someone has other thoughts??
    She is a 1.5yrs old and I don't want to do it, but she has been terrorizing my other girls for the entire summer and I have gone from 8 eggs a day to 3.....and one girl layed an egg with no yolk.....and that's no joke ;)
    I will let you know cockadoodlemimi how it works out, if the lack of a barnyard bully restores order or if another bully is going to come up the pipe!


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