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    Aug 20, 2010
    A friend gave me a banty hen that she had been having issues with. The hen pecked on one of the other hens constantly. I took the hen and put her with my banty rooster and after a few months she hatched 3 chicks. The chicks are now about 6 weeks old and I recently put them out to free range. Mommy and Daddy constantly standing guard. Last night one of the chicks fell into the horse water trough. (I keep an escape board in there for just that reason but the farrier had came earlier in the day and moved it thinking one of his children had been playing in the water) By the time I got home and checked on my chickens at feeding time and found the chick it had been in the water for over 1 1/2 hours! She was still floating and her little head was still above water. I wrapped her against me in my shirt and ran to the house. I put some towels in the dryer to heat and took a blow dryer on low and gently dried her off for 1/2 hr. I then wrapped her in the warm towel, gave her a small amount of sugar water (she was exhausted) and put her in a kennel cage for the night. This morning she was doing better and wanted back with the family. I put her on the roost next to her mother and the mother started attacking her! Trying to peck her eyes out! I took the chick away but it cried non-stop for the family. I finally set it out on the ground with the family but when she gets to close to mom - pow! Mom attacks! I think Mom is establishing pecking order and thinks this is a new chicken and not hers. How can I keep her from being the evil chicken she is known to be?
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    This is risky but try slipping the chick into the nest with the others in the dark at night when everyone is settled down. Don't let mom see what you have in your hand.
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    Is it possible that in washing the chick you wash the scent off? Do chickens have scents that they recognize? Perhaps what you might try is to rub some vics on moms beak. Just a tad. See if that works.
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    I would do the at dark thing,they say that works.
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    I've wondered about the scent thing also... and if she is under mom in the dark all night she will smell like mom and the other babies! Let us know how this works out. Good luck and prayers!
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