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Apr 7, 2010
How old of chicken is too old to eat? Also, can you eat a rooster after they have matured sexually, or do they not taste good? I have an almost 1 year old bantie silkie who has gotten way too big for his britches and attacks everyones legs as they walk. I think it is time for him to go. Just wondering if we can eat him or if he would be too tough/not tasty. I haven't ever eaten my own chicken before so I really don't know anything about this stuff... Any info would be helpful.

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Even if you don't eat him, as in eating a roasted chicken, still, the carcass makes awesome chicken broth/stock. Yup, the older, the better, almost, for broth flavor. The meat can be pulled, if you wish. You can also feed the meat to a cat or other pet, if you wish. Waste not, want not. Slow cooking is the key. Crock pot? Pressure cooker for faster results.


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Anything older then a year then it starts to smell, but if you cook the roo in the oven at a low temp for a few hours then it will taste pretty good.
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An older bird just needs to be cooked a long time and with moisture (think soup) or in a pressure cooker. An older bird won't be as tender as a young bird (the typical meat chick), but they have more of a true chicken flavor.

Yes silkies have black skin, it's thought of as a specialty/medicinal in asian cooking and costs more to buy. I've never eaten it, but the taste should be just the same. The color might be somewhat off putting if you are squeamish.

I just roasted one of our extra cockerels tonight for dinner (although he was only a few months old and a BCM), yum.

I have a yard FULL of cockerels right now getting ready to move into freezer camp. I've had batches of chicks that were 7 boys to one girl. I see a lot of chicken dinners in our future.


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