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    Let me preface this by saying that I’m a total novice when it comes to most things chicken. I’ve had mine for 11 weeks(18, all hens 8 buff orpies, 3 SLW, 5 RIR‘s, and 2 BJG‘s) and from what I’ve seen they are dolls. None of them have a mean bone in their body.

    I went to a friend of a friends farm last night to look at a pig we’re considering going in halves on. The guy who’s farm it is has a great little spread. I don’t know how many acres, probably 100 or so. There’s a barn, a couple out buildings, a shed or two and a nice old farm house. I swear he should be back in the old days. He’s got a couple of everything. Cows, a horse, some pigs, the ubiquitous cat and dog, a goat, and also some chickens. My friend told him that I had recently gotten into chickens. The guy told me I was welcome to go look at them. I walked up and peaked through a screen door. They looked huge!!! Mine are 11 weeks old as of Friday. I guess I’ve never really been around full grown birds before. Not to mention the half a dozen roosters with some seriously ominous looking spurs(2“+). My friends boy who’s been to this farm dozens of times ran up the hill while I was looking. He flung open the door and hopped in. One of the roosters flicked an buggy looking eye in his direction, fluffed himself up, and took off at Nick. He happened to get it just right and spurred him in the crotch!!! None of the birds, even the huge looking barred rock hens were very nice. Mine, if you hold out a hand, they’ll run over to be stroked and petted, even with strangers. These just sort of cowered in a corner. I'll also add that they didn't look all that well cared for. Although I've been told I tend to lavish mine a little too much. So maybe care for gerneral meat and egg birds might not look like enough to me.

    I’ve got five roosters(2 barred rocks, 1 white giant, and 2 partridge chanteclers) in my brooder right now. They’re one week old today. Are my roosters going to be as mean and nasty as those were? If so, I don’t want them. Little kids come over all the time and I want it to be a pleasant experience for them. Sorry if I sound harsh. It’s just I don’t want anything that might hurt them.
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    Just keep petting and playing with your chicks and they should grow up to be friendly. [​IMG]
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    As a rule, a rooster that is handled is generally gentle. All that I have raised, myself, have been very gentle. Now, I have bought some horrific little beasts! All I have is bantams but they can be fierce. Sometimes you get one that is mean, and not trainable/tamable just find a home for him. We had one we bought that would chase us down and flog us - I would take the broom and push him back and he would keep coming back until he tired himself out - rest and start again - so we found him a home. They love him!
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    Avoid showing any form of aggression to a rooster. If you try to 'show him who's boss', you're basically putting yourself at the top of their pecking order and you will get a roo that wants to fight you for it every time it gets a chance. The more you try to intimidate him the worse he'll be.
    I've found that nice loud clapping works to get the birds' attention with out posing a threat to the roosters, but I use that on all the birds-not just the roos. They seem to take is as "Clear a path".
    Bear in mind that roosters are not known for their romancing of the hens, some can be rather brutal in their 'love' tactics. If you're planning on keeping all 5 roos, I hope you also plan on alot more hens. (Too many roosters is highly stressful for the hens.)
    Best of luck with the little ones, and just in case nbody has warned you, they are Highly addictive. [​IMG]
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    If all of his cowered in a corner, sounds like they are being raised as chickens, not pets....go figure. [​IMG]
    Also, you didn't mention the breed of his roosters. Some breeds of roosters are much more aggressive.
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    Nefertiti, I plan on keeping two or three of them. The others I’ll give away or whatever. Is three too many for 18 hens?

    gritsar, I don’t know what kind the roosters were. They were all white. Some had rose or strawberry combs, some with single ones. I’d have said they look like production leghorns but they were huge.
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    Try reading my rooster behavior page. the link is in my sig. line, you might find it helpful.

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