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    I wanted to share with you the hutch my DH built for our meat birds. He used all recycled wood, the neighbors remodled, so while he was at work, I loaded up my car, tied orange flag on the longes beam, 4 way flashers and brought it only 1/2 mile. The roofing, chipboard were from a construction site and I did purchase the wire and poultry wire staples.


    we skipped pics of the moving of the hutch leaving that all for your imaginations... [​IMG]


    Not impressed that I have the camera out, it was SO hot that day.

    Then it was stained and I used hardware cloth and poultry staples, driving them in pointed down and some up, so if a coon hangs off it, there is support or if one tries to pull it up, its safer. I also used staple gun staples along with the poultry ones.

    This is the finished project, notice the full front unlocks to drop down for easy clean out, there is a middle locked door that allows easy access to the water and feed. We have a tote in the hutch for their wind break, both sides are open and in full shade.
    The pool skimmer is for jail breaks, the area under the hutch is for storage of a large piece of plastic if we have a windy rain, keeps birds and litter dry, I just set the saw horse on one side of it, the large tote on the back side. Nothing snug.

    They look pretty well tended to don't they?

    I hope this gives you some ideas on what seems to have worked for us, questions are welcome!
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    That looks great!

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