meat bird project chicks update/pics


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Dec 20, 2008
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I think these would be considered an F4 offspring, but anyway wanted to share pics of these GIANTS.
I think they may be to big for my goals, but they are awesome chicks and so far healthy, but at only 3 WEEKS OLD we'll see what the next few months bring.
The black chick is a standard sized Ameraucana and definately not a runt or bantam, they were all hatched on the same day, just threw him in there for size reference.


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They look huge by comparison:D I'm just about to start on my own little project as well, but nothing too serious, and entirely my own use here at home. I using only a single hen and a single rooster, and so far, I have the first three eggs collected. When she lays again today, I'll number the eggs and put them under one of my broodies which I keep solely as living incubators. I always have at least one or two broodies at any given time, but they are quite small, so they can only cope with about four eggs at a time
I'm going to put in an egg from one of my standard birds so I'll be able to compare sizes as well, and I'll be sure to post pics.
personally I am trying to avoid black feathers in my meat line, I think the leftover little black shafts in the skin look horribly unappetizing. So far I am not seeing it with the reds.
Red it is, then! I was only looking at the blacks becuase the reds are unavailable until the end of October. Ah well, that will give me more time to construct facilities for them.

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