Meat bird rotations and weather?

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    Jul 4, 2014
    Let's say I eat 50 chickens in a year, and I want to raise the meat myself. I can't have them all at the same time, because it'll be a bit much for me, I think, and I don't have freezer space for 50 chickens. I'd do a rotation, but it gets quite cold.

    How much cold can five-week old chickens handle?

    Edit: Say it's they dead of winter and there's outside with a heat lamp, and protected from snow and wind. Are they all right?
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    Not many peeps raise chicks during winter. Those that do, have heated facilities. Here is one possible solution. Get 25 chicks about 15 weeks before winter arrives at your area. Get dual purpose and some broilers. Start eating the broilers at about week 8. One chicken per week. After about 7 week, you should be about done with broilers, so switch to eating the dual purpose then. When you are close to eating all of those it will be spring time. You should plan on restocking your flock as soon as you can in early spring. When you are just about eating your last from your original 25, your newly growing batch should be just about ready. Get broilers early spring to have ready in 8 weeks. About 7 or 8 should be the Ideal number. Balance should be dual purpose. Only you would know how your supply is standing, and when to resupply with chicks.
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    I wouldn't try them in the "dead of winter" even here in my pretty temperate climate. If I wanted 50 birds, I'd do probably 3 batches of 20, starting in the spring. March-April, June-July, and Sept-Oct, something like that. I'd skip August cause it's so stinking hot.

    Where are you located?

    Shipping and availability are other things to consider. Not sure if the hatcheries offer meaties year round? I do know shipping in the cold is pretty dicey.
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  4. catcrazy37

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    Jul 4, 2014
    Guelph, ON. Not crazy cold, but definitely not warm.

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