Meat bird?

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    Hello. i have 8 chickens and one of them is a big fat meat bird. She is big and white amd cant walk easily or get on roosts! I know she is a meat chicken but that is not what were using her for. however, it has been so hot lately, she has been miserable. ive never seen a chicken pant so hard! She sits on the ground all day and eats and drinks. I am absiloutley NOT going to cull her, so what can i do to help??? PLEASE HELP!!
    PS her name is Big Momma and she looks kinda like this![​IMG]
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    You could decrease her feed and increase her veggie intake (put her on a diet) and or move her to a cooler place (basement?).

    These things are temporary. No matter what your husbandry techniques, she will not live very long. They are genetically programmed to put on weight, and their legs and hearts etc can give out easily.

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