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    Hi everyone,

    We would like to do a few meat birds when it warms up (we're in MN). I'm new to it (we've been vegetarian for almost a decade but have started eating meat again with a focus on organic meat). I'm wondering if you guys have any good websites that reference the process to kill the birds? I know it's typically done between 8-10 weeks, and I've seen people use kill cones and "coverted" gallon jugs and such, but from the time their necks are slit until they are "processed" and ready to slice into parts for freezing is where I'm completely lacking in knowledge. I assume there is some way to get all the feathers off easily? What is needed from a hygiene standpoint to keep the meat clean - do you boil it or would that just cook the meat? Do you guys have any educational resources online that you know of that I can reference to get the birds from live to the table? Thanks for any help!
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  4. I'm going to try meat birds for the first time myself this Spring, The site on BYC helped a lot. I'm also going to have my neighbor walk me through my first butcher job. I've been told to be prepared for the smell. Good luck to us both.

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