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    I heard horror stories of how much a xRock chick poops and what it turns out like but I never quite figured this!!

    This morning I received my baby chickadees from McMurray Hatchery. 16 "Meat" chicks and 10 Laying chicks. The laying chicks poop... like normal... but these meat chicks!!

    It's like streams of murky water shoot several inches from their backside. I've had to change their papers several times and I'm thinking about taking some of the wheat straw from my chicken coop bail and use it for the chicks bedding so it'll absorb more.

    I read somewhere fermented feed helps with the projectile "poop". Is this true? I just put some chick feed in a bowl with water and a bit of Apple Cider Vinegar from the fridge. Is this how it's done? Should I add yeast?

    I started reading the "fermenting feed" thread but it's hundreds of pages long with no explicit instructions I could find on fermenting.

    Anything else I could do?

    EDIT: "False Alarm". The chicks seem to be much more normal today. I did ferment some feed and put it out with the regular chick feed. Some prefer the fermented feed and some the normal. They also aren't spewing out liquid today.
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