Meat Chicks Crops Are Swelling


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Dec 30, 2014
Hi all- We have some week old meat chicks (Cornish Cross) and we have just noticed that quite a few of them have what we assume are bulging crops. We give them unmedicated chick feed, and water. What in the world is going on? Should we start them on grit already?? We didn't start our egg layers on grit until they were around 8 weeks and eating outside. Should I also put some ACV in their water? Thanks!
Some of them look like they're seriously going to pop. They've been with us a week, so I find it kind of weird that they would just now start looking like this, since they've been eating none stop since we got them. We started taking their feed away at night two nights ago because one chicks guts were literally starting to bust out of its stomach and it ended up dying. Can they over eat?
Yes they can over eat. Meat birds should be given unlimit access to feed during the day, and nothing but water at night. They should be fed a grower ration, not chick starter. Chick starter is too high in protein. They need a lower protein feed to help slow their rapid growth so they can develop properly.
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I have always had free access to feed 24/7 to my meaties. They get a 21-22% protein starter(home milled), then a 15% grower (home milled). I have never had an over eating problem. Commercial feed does need to be restricted.

What are they getting for grits?

They should have been getting grits from day 1.
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We haven't been giving them grit because we were told not to yet. We have now put some in with them. Hopefully that will solve the problem.
It's a crumble, but we have decided to just go ahead and make it available to them. Thanks!

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