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We are raising our first batch of CornishX chicks. They are almost 5 weeks old. I've been feeding grower starter in the morning and around 5:00PM, giving them a bit of scratch, grass, kale, etc. during the day. Should they have grower starter feed available all day? I keep reading about them growing too fast and having heart attacks and breaking legs!
i feed in the a.m., let them eat it down and then put another rasher out in afternoon. mine also free range all day. when the food is gone in evening, it's too bad, so sad!

water 24/7.

i have had no leg issues and no death of any kind. started out with 26 (now 8 wks.) and 5 (now 4 wks.) there are 27 left.

four died of natural causes...lady wants chicken for dinner!

you'll know if you are feeding them enough by watching them. also, you'll know if you are feeding too much in the same way.

hope they turn out fantastic!

ETA number we ate!
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