Meat Quality: Northern Bobwhites vs. the "Jumbos"?

Discussion in 'Quail' started by _Randall_, May 21, 2010.

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    I was talking to an older gentleman the other night about raising quail, as he raised Bobs a few years back.....and the subject of the jumbo strains come up. He said he only raised the standard Northern Bobs, primarily just to eat. Then he started telling me about some big jumbo size Bobwhites that another guy brought him to try, and he said the meat quality was no where near that of a Northern. Said they had enough for 3 different cookings, and each time, they were very "dry and stringy" compared to the Northerns...........(and his wife can cook most any wildlife there is to be as tender as you've ever eaten). Of course, it might have been what they were fed, or their age......heck, I don't know?? Anybody got an opinion? Just wondering before I buy more GG eggs.
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    I would have thought the Jumbos were developed solely for the quality and abundance of their meat.
    I have never eaten a quail of any variety but I am curious now that you ask.
    I will be getting some Jumbo eggs for the incubator early next month.

    Heres a bump to se if you get any quail connoisseur to respond. [​IMG]

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