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    Jul 21, 2015
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    Hello BYC community!

    Me and my boyfriend have been raising laying hens together for a couple of years now and we'd like to broaden our horizons and look into more ways to bring in money for our small homestead. The more we look into different ways and new animals for our farm we keep coming back to turkeys. Before I let my impulse buyer boyfriend buy more turkeys than we need I was wondering if there is any critical information we may need to know? We've already looked into our local laws about such birds and there wasn't much, so we're good on that level.

    We've visited a few neighboring farms with turkeys and learned as much as we possibly could and we've done multiple internet and book research, but whats better then learning from people with first hand experience?

    If you have any tips, hacks, warnings, or even a funny story about your turkeys and experience with them please let us know about it!

    Thanks, McCarty Farms
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