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    Got this out of a cookbook, can't wait to try it. general directions:
    Get some ground beef and roll the raw beef out into about 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick . Cut circles as large as you need to wrap around either a cherry tomato or a grape tomato. Take the tomatoes and cut them in 1/2. Scoop out the center. Take Mozzarella cheese cut in cubes to fit and put a cube inside one half of the tomato. Close it up with the other half. Take the seasoned ground beef and wrap it around the tomato. Carefully roll it into a ball. Bake in the oven as desired until done. Serve with fav sauce. I think the ones made with grape tomatoes would be fab served as cocktail meatballs.
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    You are making me HUNGRY..... [​IMG]
    BTW, we make a lot of things from ground meat. We use ground turkey instead of beef, and once seasoned, the taste is very similar. (I know its slightly different).. The benefit is that it is 97% lean and when you are finished cooking it, your quantity still looks pretty good. With ground beef, even the 90% lean, when you are finished cooking, you look and say to yourself... "dat shore gots small" [​IMG]
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    That sound good and yummy...

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