meatie suicides . . .

Discussion in 'Meat Birds ETC' started by KatyTheChickenLady, Mar 22, 2011.

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    so I have 100 meaties right now, well I did last week now I have 90 [​IMG]

    week one I had them in this awesome wooden brooder with a wire bottom that woodenanimal made.

    I had a quart size waterer in each corner, feeder in the middle and a light on each side.
    well right at the end of week one and no lossses, I got the bright idea to fill the waterers with warm water . . . 15 minutes later my daughter went out to the pump house (where they were kept) and hurried back inside to get me . . . disaster! they were all trying to hot tub it in the warm water. My daughter blow dried four back to life, but we lost 10. 10 losses from my rediculous mistake - that's two months worth of chicken dinners for us.

    Just thought I would share in hopes of preventing it happening to someone else.
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    Oh, Katie! I'm SOOO sorry this happened to you! I've given my grown chickens warm water when it is freezing,, and would have assumed I could do it with babies, too. Actually, I'm babysitting someone else's chicks tomorrow. I might have put warm water in their waterer (a snowstorm is forecast) if I hadn't read this so thank you for posting.

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