Meatie Tractors, frugal unique designs and money savers?

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    our chicken tractor cost about $75 per my husband. It is pressure treated wood ( 2x4's) and plastic coated green chicken wire with 4 wheels from an old lawn mower. It is roughly 8 x 10 feet by 2 foot high. the "top" is divided into 3 sections . The middle is stationary covered in wire , while the 2 ends have hinged tops covered in the wire. The tops flip open all the way . One end "top" also has the white plastic corrigated sheeting on it for protection from the weather. That same end has a tarp tied across the front and both sides giving them total weather protection that is top , front and both side of basically 1/3 of the tractor. The tires are the "big" style so it makes moving it easy. I just give it a push .... My husband made sure that it was just up off the ground enough so that it was not a struggle to move , I have not had any problems with ground preditors . But then my whole back yard is fenced with 4foot high fencing too( just the wire type) This is my 3rd year using this tractor and it has held up great.....very sturdy.

    I fit 25 full grown meat birds in there easliy. the tractor looks like the pvc photo shown previously . but made from wood , total enclosed, on wheels, hinged tops, corregated top on one end to make it easier to open ( hate struggling with the tarps)
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