Meaties in a tractor? What's too cold?


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Ok, this may seem like a silly question, can I raise meaties in a tractor here? Last year we raised them in an extra outbuilding, but I would love to use this building for extra layers this year. I am concerend that they may get too cold in the evenings. Depending on the time of year, there will be some nights that go below 0... But then the day will warm up. Any thoughts or suggestions? Please

I've edited the name, to see if anyone will reply... Anyone know what is too cold in a tractor, for meaties?
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Mine had sparce feathering and were susceptible to the cold. Actually, it seems like it was about time to butcher by the time they didn't need supplemental heat.
Intresting, JenScott... I thought they wouldn't like the cold... I wonder what temps are too cold in a tractor, so maybe I can plan around the weather... We do get a good a good 4 months or more of warm nights. So it it falls low at night what temp do you think is too cold?
Heck yes you can. If I were you, I'd keep them in the brooder three weeks if you can, then move them out into the tractor. Technically, they can be in freezing temps by then, but I don't risk it with mine. I put 1 or two heat lamps in the tractor, then cover it with tarps/blankets, depending on how cold it is. When you go to uncover it in the morning, it's like a rainforest in there, regardless of how cold it got the night before.
Mine are 3 weeks and going out in the tractor this weekend! Finally above freezing at night here in Michigan, so i won't worry about them to much. i will cover and keep a heat lamp in it like Jaku says for a week or two.
jaku and mike67909

Thank-you so much, will try to get 2 or 3 batches in

So you cover entire thing at night? Then just partially durning the day? (for shade ect?)

Thanks again for your help
could you just wait for summer, or is that temp. during summer? they feather out better if you giver em more sq ft per bird and drop their brooder temps a little. *not possitive about the brooder temp dropping thing, thats just my finding, imo its preps them for the cold, but if it kills all your chicks don't sue me, but i tried it last year with possitive results.*
When it's cold, I completely cover mine as tightly as I can at night. My tractor has a tarp built into one end, so they always have a shady area during the day.
95yj thanks for your imput... We do get some hot nights in the summer sometimes plus 20 (sorry don't know the conversion) but were lucky if this last for 2 months. Just looking at getting the most out've are summer... The days between the last frost and first frost are sometimes too close. I would like to get three batches off. That will mean at least one batch will have cool nights. Didn't want to go ahead, then not have proper shelter for them.

Thanks Jaku I will do the same:) Maybe we'll have an extra long summer, spring is sure coming early here ! The geese are back and so are the robins! The snow tires are coming off this wekend
(this will probley jinx us all now)
I love this time of year
I put mine in the tractor yesterday afternoon. I covered most of it with tarps they all made it through the night. I think it was like 42 deg F last night, it is supposed to be colder tonite around 31 i think i will put another heat lamp in it to help them out.

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